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2008 Tournament Tee Box Assignments

The Tournament Chairperson has modified the criteria for determining the tee box a player will be assigned for tournament play. Players will be assigned a teeing area for each tournament based upon certain criteria which will be explain in a moment. As Handicap is one of the criteria used in some but not all categories a player who is on the edge of a group may change month to month depending on their play. From now on the teeing group assignment will be A, B, C or D.

1.         Every player will continue to be allowed to decline the closer tee assignment but they are only allowed
            to move back a tee area not forward.

2.         Should a player wish to move back they must

2.1      Declare their intent to their foursome prior to teeing off the first hole.

            2.2       They must also make an effort to notify the TC prior starting their round. If that is not possible they
                        must notify the TC immediately upon completion of their round.

            2.3       Failure to notify the TC either prior to or immediately following their round could result in their

3.         The Group designation will be indicated on the starting time sheet available on the web site 3-4 days
             prior to the tournament.  The A, B, C or D will replace the current B, W and R designations.

Group Definitions and Criteria for Play

Group A
This group will play from the Blue NCGA Disks except on number 9 where they will play from the Blue Ball. The players will consist of those who are not eligible to be classified in groups B, C or D.

Group B
This group will play from the White NCGA disks. There are two way for a player to be eligible for this classification.
1.         Your age and your handicap from the blue NCGA markers totals between 80-89
2.         Your handicap from the Blue NCGA markers is 19 or above

Please note that while your handicap calculated from the Blue NCGA Marker got you enough shots to qualified for this teeing area, should you choose to play from the White NCGA markers as allowed to for this group, your handicap will be recomputed from the White. This may result in you getting fewer shots. You will still be able to play this tee area but will have to play with the number of strokes recalculated from the white marker not the number of shots calculated from the Blue marker that got you here.

Group C
This group will play from the White Balls. They will be located 3-5 yards behind the Forward (Red) NCGA Disk. There is only one way for a player to be eligible for this classification
 1. Your age and handicap from the Blue NCGA Markers totals 90 or more

Group D
This group will play from the Red NCGA Markers. There is only one way to be eligible for this classification.
1. Ladies only.

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