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Are you one of the fortunate few who have ever had the shot of a lifetime?

Have you ever stood on that special par 3 (or if you are really lucky a long par 4) and felt the euphoria of the Golf Gods?

Remember, for a hole in one to be official, it must be made in the course of a regular 18-hole round (sorry, taking target practice on your favorite par 3 with your shag bag one night doesn’t count), and it must be witnessed by at least one other golfer.

Eligibility:  Any member of the Willow Park Men's Club.

Process:  Complete and Print the Hole-in-one form Form and along with a copy of your scorecard, give it to our handicap chairperson.

Award:  Any member who has a hole-in-one will receive a certificate award from the WPMC, as well as recognition in the WPMC Website.

Also Eligible for: NCGA Hole-In-One Sweepstakes

The USGA® recommends that a hole-in-one be considered valid:
- If made during a round of at least nine holes, except that a hole-in-one made during a match should be acceptable even if the match ends before the stipulated round is completed.

-If the player is playing one ball; a hole-in-one made in a practice round in which the player is playing two or more balls should not be acceptable.

-If attested by someone acceptable to the Committee.

-If made at a hole with a temporary tee and/or putting green in use, even if the Committee did not specifically define the teeing ground with tee-markers; the length of the hole at the time should be stated on any certificate.

Other Link: www.HoleInOneSociety.org 

Congratulations Hole In One Members!

Date Name Course Location At Tournament Hole Yardage Par Club Used
08/29/2004 Kipp Classen Willow Park GC   3 138 3 8 Iron
07/08/2004 Mark Hemenez Willow Park GC   7 175 3 6 Iron
08/16/2003 Mark Hemenez Willow Park GC   13 135 3 9 Iron
03/16/2008 Craig Pitts Willow Park GC Yes 13 135 3 ?
09/14/2008 Mike Goodman Willow Park GC Yes 5 153 3 ?
12/14/2008 George Pekkari Willow Park GC Yes 13 135 3 ?
11/10/2009 Gary Thomas Willow Park GC   5 153 3 8 Iron
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