Willow Park Golf Club
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Articles of the Constitution and By-Laws
Version 3.2 - Adopted July 12, 2012
Article I – The Club
Article II – Membership/Fees Collected
Article III – Governing Board/Committees
Article IV – Elections, Appointments
Article V – Officer Duties Defined but not Limited to
Article VI – Rules of Play
Article VII – Meetings
Article VIII – Club Champion
Article IX – Club Tournaments/Qualifiers
Article X – Amendment Procedures
Article I – The Club
The golf club is herein known as the Willow Park Golf Club (formally Willow Park Men’s Club). It is created as a Non-Profit golf club for the purpose of organizing and promoting club tournaments for members to play and enjoy the game of golf in a professional and social environment.

Article II– Membership/Fees Collected
Section 1 Membership will encompass a calendar year and is open to both men and women.
Section 2 Full Membership fee for new and returning will be set by the Governing Board to include but not limited to the NCGA fee and dues for membership into the club.
Section 3 Associate memberships may be made available at a reduce fee to be set by the Governing Board. Associate members are eligible to participate in any club tournament. In addition to the regular tournament entry fee they will be assessed an additional surcharge of $15. This surcharge can be increased, decreased or waved at any time but only by a majority vote of the Governing board. They will also be limited to playing in 3 tournaments per year and will not be eligible any qualifying rounds. This additional fee can be waved or subject to change with a majority approval vote of the Governing Board.
Section 4 Deadlines for receipt of membership forms with applicable fee is to be established by the Governing Board to meet NCGA deadline. Membership forms received after the established deadline will be accessed an additional late fee as prescribed by the NCGA.
Section 5 New members joining during the month of October or November for the next calendar year will be allowed to participate in the current year end tournaments.
Section 6 Limitation to the size of the membership may be set by the Governing Board. If a limitation is set it must be in writing and circulated to the general membership at least 30 days prior to the effective date. The limitation can be rescinded with the same 30 days notice.
Section 7 The Governing Board, at their discretion, may grant honorary membership with a 51% approval vote. Honorary members will have the same rights and privileges as an active member except they may not hold office and will not be a member of the NCGA with this club. They will be allowed to participate in no more than 3 tournaments in a calendar year paying the normal entry fees. This membership can be rescinded with a 51% approval vote from the governing board.
Section 8 The active membership will consist of members in good standing with the club and the Northern California Golf Association.
Section 9 The Governing Board, at their discretion, may establish a prorated fee for mid-year membership. This reduced membership fee cannot be offered prior to July 1 of any year to be applied for the remainder of that year. This applies to “New” memberships only. Renewal membership under this condition will pay an additional “Late” fee to be set forth by the Governing Board.
Section 10 Dues collected will be used for club expenses as set forth by the budget committee appointed by the President. The budget will be accepted by a 51% vote approval from the Governing Board.
Section 11 The Office of President will be given a full membership as compensation for holding the office.
Section 12 Free memberships given to the club by the NCGA will be designated based upon a 51% vote by the governing board.
Article III – Governing Board/Committees
Section 1 TThe “Governing Board” of the club will be made up of the following officers each with one vote. Board members are entitled to only ONE vote, even if they hold multiple positions on the board.
• President
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Six(6) Directors
• Tournament Chairperson
• Handicap Chairperson
• Membership Chairperson
• Newsletter Editor
• Webmaster
• President “Emeritus”
Section 2 Should a vote on any action result in a tie the President can exercise the right to break the tie.
Section 3 Club policy, amendments or other changes affecting the running of the club cannot be Voted upon unless at least 7 members of the Governing Board are present.
Section 4 Unless specified elsewhere in this document a simple majority of 51% is all that is required to pass a measure.
Section 5 Committees can be formed at the discretion of the President or the Governing Board to act upon any topics relevant to the administration and operation of the Club.
Section 6 A Handicap committee will be established consisting of the Handicap Chairperson, Tournament Chairperson and at least one other member of the governing board. The Handicap Chairperson will chair the committee and may add a non board member in good standing with approval from the board. . This committee will be responsible for disputes, interpretation or clarification of rules before, during and after tournament play. They will also be responsible for periodic review and updating the “Local Rules”.
Section 7 A budget committee consisting of but not limited to the President, Treasurer and the Tournament Chairperson shall be created to set forth the budgetary guidelines for the operation of the club. Additional members must be approved by the Governing board.
Section 8 The President “Emeritus” will be deemed part of the Governing Board with full voting privileges.
Article IV – Elections, Appointments
Section 1 The following offices will be elected and serve 2 year terms with no limitations or restrictions on the number of terms with service to officially run between January 1 through December 31.
• President
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Six(6) Directors
Section 2 To provide for a smooth transition of the elected offices the 2 year terms will expire as follows:
The President, Secretary and 3 Directors will terminate in even years.
The Vice President, Treasurer and 3 Directors will terminate in odd years.
Section 3 The following offices are appointed by the President with the nominee’s presented to the Governing Board for review. A simple 51% vote is all that is required accept the nominee. The length of the term is at the discretion of the President and can be terminate without notice anytime. Should the person in office no longer wish to hold the position they must submit their request in writing to the board 60 days prior to the date they wish to vacate.
• Tournament Chairperson
• Handicap Chairperson
• Membership Chairperson
• Newsletter Editor
• Webmaster
Section 4 Additional positions such as Sergeant at Arms, Moral Officer, etc. can be added as needed at the discretion of the President. Voting privileges can be granted with a 51% approval of the governing board. These appointed positions can be removed or abolished entirely at the discretion of the president at any time.
Section 5 Elections for open offices will be held during the annual club meeting the date, location and time to be determined by the governing board. The meeting is open to all members in good standing. A list of candidates for the open offices should be finalized and made available to the membership no later than 30 days prior to the date of the annual election meeting.
Section 6 Any current member with a full membership, in good standing with the club and the NCGA is eligible to run and be elected to any office. The same are also eligible to be designated by the president to any appointed office.
Section 7 Associate members cannot hold an office
Section 8 Should an unexpected vacancy occur, the President has the right to appoint a person to fill that office. He may also call for a special meeting of the Governing Board to elect a replacement. In either case this person will be designated to complete the remainder of that year only. A new person is to be elected at the October general election meeting to serve the remainder of the term.
Section 9 Should there be a tie in the general election a runoff election shall be conducted between the nominees that were tied to determine a winner. If a tie again exists then a vote by the incumbent governing board will decide the winner. If a tie still exists the incumbent president will cast the deciding vote breaking the tie. The winners will assume office on January 1.
Section 10 No member shall be permitted to hold more than one elected office at the same time. Members are allowed under certain circumstances to hold an elected and appointed office. This must be approved with a vote of 51% from the governing board.
Article V – Officer Duties Defined but not Limited to
The following General duties are defined for all the members of the board with the specific unique duties defined under each office listed later in the section. Duties may be added or removed at any time.

1. Enforce the By-Laws/Articles of Constitution and all other rules/regulations adopted by the club.
2. Serve on committee’s created to act upon administrative and operational issues of the club.
3. Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned.
4. Assist all other officers as needed.
5. Enforce all USGA and Local rules and regulations.
Section 1 President
a. Shall call monthly meetings to discuss club business and other topics or issues that need attention
b. Shall supervise the business and social affairs of the club
c. Shall provide a monthly article for publication on web or newsletter.
d. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of President
Section 2 Vice-President
a. Shall perform the duties of the President whenever the President is absent.
b. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Vice President.
Section 3 Secretary
a. Shall keep a full and complete record of all club proceedings.
b. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Secretary.
Section 4 Treasurer
a. Shall collect all membership fees.
b. Shall pay all fees due to the NCGA.
c. Shall pay the course for monthly tournament fees incurred.
d. Shall receive and deposit all club money into a bank account designated by the governing board.
e. Shall keep a full and accurate accounting of all Revenue and Expenses incurred by the club and it’s officers.
f. Provide an accurate general accounting report of year to date Revenue and Expenses to the governing board each month.
g. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Treasurer
Section 5 Membership Chairperson
a. Collect all membership applications and enter data into the NCGA computer.
b. Keeps an accurate record of all memberships including names, address, phone number, etc.
c. Provide packet of club information to all new members.
d. Provide an accurate count of membership by type at each monthly meeting.
e. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.
f. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Membership Chairperson
Section 6 Tournament Chairperson
a. Collect all entry and fees for the monthly tournaments.
b. Schedule qualifying tournaments for NCGA events.
c. Provide statistics of tournament winners in a timely manner.
d. Post all tournament scores to the NCGA in a timely manner.
e. Determine the type of play to be used in each tournament.
f. Schedule tournament dates.
g. Determine number of flights for each tournament.
h. Determine how many and what value the flight awards based upon budgetary expense allocation.
i. Provide recap of monies collected to the Treasurer in a timely manner.
j. Complete forms and/or documentation for NCGA events as necessary.
k. Shall provide a monthly article for publication on web or newsletter.
l. Attend NCGA seminars as necessary.
m. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Tournament Chairperson
n. Determine criteria for assignment of players to the appropriate tee areas during tournament play.
Section 7 Handicap Chairperson
a. Shall Create and chair the Handicap Committee to assist in setting policy or settle issues for tournament play.
b. Shall monitor and review all postings by the membership, researching any irregularities and reporting any findings to the governing board.
c. Act upon said irregularities as prescribed by the NCGA and USGA rules of golf.
d. Obtain Club Handicap Certification from the NCGA.
e. Attend NCGA seminars as necessary.
f. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Handicap Chairperson.
Section 8 Directors
a. Perform special projects as assigned.
b. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Director.
Section 9 Newsletter Editor
a. Make available a monthly newsletter to the membership. The newsletter is to be distributed no later than the 5th business day of each month.
b. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Newsletter Editor.
Section 10 Webmaster
a. Provide a website for members to acquire information, forms, newsletter, articles, etc
b. Maintain website and keep up to date with current information.
c. Shall perform all other duties which pertain to the office of Webmaster.
Article VI – Rules of Play
Section 1 All tournaments will be governed by the USGA Rules with modifications from local rules voted on and adopted by the governing board.
Section 2 Tournament Chairperson has the right to modify the rules keeping within the guidelines of the USGA to account for unusual or unplayable conditions
Section 3 The Handicap Committee shall rule on all issues during a tournament with the decision being final with no appeals. The committee does hold the right to modify or reverse a decision should it be determined that incorrect information was provided during the original evaluation.
Section 4 All play will be from the Blue, White or Red NCGA Disks. The course Ball markers will also be used when needed and at the discretion of the Tournament Chairperson. The Tournament Chairperson will set the guidelines and criteria for player assignment to the tee areas.
Section 5 The Tournament Chairperson has the authority to set the criteria for player assignment to the specified tee areas. The tournament Chairperson has the authority to assign any player to any tee area if it is deemed appropriate regardless of the criteria met by that player. Players may appeal this decision to the governing board should they choose to.
Article VII – Meetings
Section 1 A meeting of the club will be called by the President each month. The date and time is at the discretion of the President. All members in good standing are allowed and encouraged to attend.
Section 2 Any member of the Governing Board may call a special session for discussion of club affairs.
Section 3 The date and time of the annual meeting to fill vacancies on the governing board of the club will be determined by the President and approved by a majority votes of the board.
Section 4 Should the need arise the President can, at his discretion; call a special meeting to address issues related to the club
Section 5 Any active member in good standing may petition the board to discuss an issue related to the club and its practices. The request as well as the details of the issue must be submitted in writing to the President and signed by at least 5 members. The President has the right to disallow the issue to be discussed if fewer than the required 5 signatures are on the petition. Those signing the petition must attend the meeting to present their case. The issue will be placed on the next available club meeting agenda and the petitioner notified of the date and time. Time will be given to send out a membership notification so any interested members may also attend.

Article VII – Club Champion
Section 1 Any Full member in good standing may be eligible to become Club Champion. Associate, Honorary, Junior or other special memberships are not eligible.
Section 2 The Club Champion will be determined by the person with the lowest Gross combined score over the prescribed days of play. The ”Club Champion” will be awarded an automatic paid renewal membership for the following year. This award can at the discretion of the Tournament Chairperson be enhanced or eliminated.
Section 3 A player must have played in and completed at least 50% of the clubs sanction tournaments from January 1 through the end of the month the club championship tournament is held. If they do not meet this criterion they may play in the tournament but cannot become Club Champion.
Section 4 Participation in the Club Championship tournament will count toward the players completed count total.
Section 5 Should a player feel extenuating circumstances apply, the player can petition the Governing Board for an exemption to the completion count rule. The petition must be submitted in writing and signed at least 30 days prior to the club championship tournament. The request will be discussed and voted upon in the next regular monthly meeting. The petitioner must attend this meeting to present his case. Failure to attend the meeting without prior approval from the board will constitute forfeiture of the request. The vote will be closed to the petitioner so it can be discussed freely. The exemption is granted upon receipt of at least 75% approval vote from the Governing Board. The petitioner will be notified of the results as soon as possible following the meeting. If granted the player is not allowed to petition for exemption for 18 months.
Article IX – Club Tournaments/Qualifiers
Section 1 Tournament Handicaps will be calculated using the NCGA indexes only. Indexes will not exceed the limits defined in the USGA Handicap System Manual
Section 2 A Tournament will count as a “Club Tournament” if it is sanctioned by the Club board and run by the tournament chairperson or a representative in the absence of the Tournament Chairperson.
Section 3 Tournaments where players in the same flight are playing from different tee boxes, the group playing from the more difficult tee area may be adjusted based upon the differential of the course rating as defined in section 3 of the USGA Handicap System Manual
Section 4 Guests are not permitted in a club tournament unless the tournament has been designated as a Guest/Member. Exceptions and any additional fees to be accessed can be made at any time with a majority vote by the governing board.
Section 5 If a member does not have an NCGA established index they will play the tournament with a handicap of zero(0) and continue to do so until they have accumulated enough scores for the NCGA to assign them an index.
Section 6 If for any reason a player does not finish all 18 holes of the tournament they are deemed not to have played in the tournament. The score can be posted if they have completed the required number of holes as defined by the USGA for posting uncompleted rounds.
Section 7 If a player finishes a tournament but is subsequently disqualified they are deemed to have participated and completed the round and will count as a tournament played.
Section 8 The Governing Board may establish an additional entry fee for participation in the Club sanctioned NCGA qualifiers. Proceeds if collected will be dispersed based upon the decision of the Governing Board with a majority vote to approve.
Section 9 The entry fees for NCGA club competitions will be paid for by the club with prior approval and sanctioning by the governing board with a majority vote.
Section 10 Members who enter any non club sanction NCGA competition do so at their own expense.
Section 11 The club will hold qualifiers for members to earn spots to represent the club in a sanctioned NCGA event. In order to keep an earned spot the member must play in and complete 50% of the tournaments from January through December in the year the qualifying rounds are held. This can be changed, modified or exceptions applied at the discretion of the Governing Board with a majority vote to approve.
Article X – Amendment Procedures
Section 1 This constitution and by-laws may be amended or modified in whole or part by a majority vote of the club members present at any regular meeting of the club or at any special meeting called for that purpose. Amendments may also be made by a majority vote of the Governing Board. Such amendments or modifications shall have full force and effect pending notification to the club members. If amendments or modifications are not approved by a majority vote they shall be null and void but can be presented for consideration again at a later date.
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