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Jan 24

Entry Deadline: Jan. 13
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Monthly Club Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month.
Our Next Club Meeting: Friday,
Feb 5 - 6:30pm - RC Bar Annex
- Monday, Feb. 1
Club President & TC Articles available
- Sunday, January 24
Club Tournament Played CANCELLED
- Wednesday, Dec 9
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- Wednesday, October 21
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2016 Tournament Schedule
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January 24 Regular Net
February 21 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
March 20 (+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
April 17 Regular Net
May 22 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club)
June 26 (+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
July 17 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
August 20/21 (+)Club Championship
August 21 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
September 18 (+)Presidents (A) & (B)
October 23 (+) Skin Competition
November 20 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
December 18 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2016 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2016 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
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More Tournament Schedule Info
2015 Tournament Schedule
January 18 Regular Net
February 15 (+)TC Surprise (2 Person
     Blind Draw Net Best Ball)
March 15 Regular Net
April 19 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club)
May 17 (+)Directors   (A) & (B)
June 14 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2 Person Team)
July 19 (+)Presidents (Skin Qlfr)
August 15/16 (+)Club Championship
August 16 (A) & (B)
September 13 (+) (Skin Qlfr)
October 18 (+) Skins Competition
November 15 (+)TC Surprise (RWB)
December 13 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2016 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2016 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rounds)
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lease update
Lease information last updated: March 18
Accepting Memberships:
Our Club is composed of men and women who love the game of golf in a fun and relaxing environment. WPGC has been a part of this golf course since its creation in 1967.
All skill levels are welcome!

For a little over $100 a year you get:
- An official GHIN Handicap.
- A chance to play in our Monthly Tournaments (entry fee required).
- Recieve Individual Awards every tournament, matching similar skill levels.
- Membership in the Northern California Golf Association.
- Discounted Green Fees at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge
and more…

Join the fun become a member- Sign Up Today - WebForm or PDF

Monthly News and Highlights…Febuary 2016
President's Report

Hello Members,

Here we are in the dog days of winter. Although the much needed rain is great for the area and state, it has put a damper on the course. For the most part the course has been pretty playable. The creek has been flowing within its backs, with only one exception. Carts have been allowed most days with a few exceptions and the greens have been rolling well.

Great to see when have gained some new members. I look forward to seeing you at our tournaments. I am hoping the last few members who haven't renewed yet will get those checks in soon.

The EBRPD hasn't given us any update as to the RFP. Hopefully, we will have some news regarding the long term leasee sometime this month. Of course I will let you know when I hear anything.

Our TC created a survey to gauge your interest in an Away Tournament this year. You should have received an email with the link to the survey. Another reminder will be sent out a day or two before the survey ends. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, as the results will determining if we will revise our "Away Tournament".

I created a file (2016_wpgc_events.ics) that you can use to import our Tournament Dates into most calendar programs. To import it, do an internet search such at "import .ics into....(iphone, android or Google Calendar)" to find directions for your calendar program.
Standard warning...use at own risk.

Please still make payment to "WPGC/WPMC"
Your Board and our Treasurer have asked me to remind you that while the course has a new name, our club does not. Please continue to make your checks out to "WPMC". The board will be discussing a name change at the next several meetings to address some issues with changing the name. We will keep you informed of the progress and send out official notice if and when the name change occurs.

2016 Membership: 93 Members / Goal 150
We are still looking for more so please pass the word. Membership forms are available on the website, above the computer in the Pro Shop and on the Bulletin Board on the wall in the Bar annex.

Steve Falzone, President

Tournament Chair Report

Well we started the New Year much like we ended the old year with a cancelled tournament. As the vast majority of you will not play without a cart our policy is that if carts are not allowed then the tournament will be cancelled. Well for January the weather was acceptable to play in but the course was so wet they did not allow carts so we had to cancel it. Hopefully we will have better luck in February.

The players who have credits from the December tournament and those that signed up and paid for the January tournament will automatically be entered in the February tournament. It is presumed all of you will want to play in February so unless you contact me otherwise I am including you in the February player count. Let me know at the email address below if you wish to be excluded for February and have your credit applied to March. There is plenty of room for those with no credit on the books and wish to play so send in your entry by the deadline to get in.

I have made a format change for the February tournament. Originally it was scheduled to be our 2 person 6-6-6 team tournament. As we haven’t played in a while I decided to make the February tournament a regular individual Net flight tournament and move the 6-6-6 team event to April.

A survey went out in a broadcast email recently to gauge your interest in an away tournament sometime this year. I hope you took a few minutes to take the survey as the results will go a long way in determining if I should look into putting one together or not.

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter I have come up with a “Tournament Index” that will be used to compare against your NCGA index each month. The tournament index is based on your scores from the tournaments you played in a rolling 12 month period. What is calculated will be a contributing factor into what handicap you will be assigned for each month’s tournament. While you won’t necessarily play using your “Tournament Index” the difference if great enough may result in your NCGA index being lowered based upon a formula for the resulting differential. As I mentioned other clubs are starting to do something along these lines and the NCGA recommends it as well.

Pace of play for our tournaments will be 4:25. We of course have no control over the groups put out in front of us so if that contributes to us not able to meet the target time then there is of course no issue. This however does not mean you can fall back several holes from the group in front of you. No matter what the situation is you are still held accountable to do whatever is necessary to minimize gaps and be in the proper position to the group in front of you. This includes the option to let the group or groups behind you play through so if applicable please do so. Don’t expect a warning for slow play as there won’t be one.

There are still quite a few of you who have not renewed for 2016. I presume this is an oversite and your check is in the mail. Renewal in now $119 and New Membership is $125

50-50 raffle winner: No raffle was conducted

Your TC,
Tony Paniagua

Tournament Entry form Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2600, Castro Valley CA. 94546
Email contact address - GOLF4TCTONY@GMAIL.COM

DO NOT POST your Willow Park Tournament round. I will post all scores from our tournaments. If you post it by mistake please let me know so I can delete the duplicate.

Next Tournaments
February 2016
When: February 21, 2016
Deadline: February 10, 2016
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: None6-6-6 Moved to March

March 2016
When: March 20, 2016
Deadline: March 9, 2016
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: Changed 2 person Team 6-6-6 net event

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